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Saturday Snow - Pioneer Gratitude

With all the snow we have had this winter, I can’t help but think about the pioneers of the Midwest. How did they make it through the struggles of winter? How did they get around without four-wheel drive and snow plows? Of course they made it around just fine with their team of horses. They were not ones to travel miles to work or shop as we do now. They made trips to town for necessities and business every once in a while. The pioneers were self sufficient, making and producing most of what they needed. Their day to day activities consisted of keeping the farm running smoothly; feeding the livestock, preparing food to put on the table, sewing, chopping wood and so on. There was never a dull moment. Families read the newspaper, played games, told stories, went to school and tended to growing children or aging elders. Technology has changed a lot in the last 100 years, but hopefully our morals and values remain unchanged. I hope we have a vast appreciation for the roads our ancestors paved for us, both literally and figuratively. May we all occasionally pause to enjoy the snowfall and get the chance for a sleigh ride.