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Wednesday Warrior - Elizabeth Shown Mills

While possessing advanced researcher attributes, I am still in the early stages of professionally conducting research projects for clients. I have yet to find a better warrior in the name of genealogy than Elizabeth Shown Mills. While I was first introduced to her work about the time I found Evidence Explained, I am still amazed by the effort she puts forth to teach others about the importance of proper citation. A while back I found her Evidence Explained QuickLessons and quickly found myself caught up on her latest post. She has since begun EE’s Quick Tips blog and I continue to follow her instruction. While residing in the Midwest, I am far from her southern familiarities, but none-the-less, her technique is exquisite indeed. Both Evidence Explained and Professional Genealogy have their own place in my office. Mill's work is no doubt fresh; she stays on top of current events with her Facebook page and other social media. Mills notes that diversifying yourself in knowledge of records is important to understand pioneer life. She does just that in her posts, making them relative to any reader that has interest in conducting research. Thank you and keep up the great work!

Here is a short interview with Elizabeth Shown Mills by the National Genealogical Society.

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