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Saturday Story - Dying Words

What is an early story, but a mere oral dissemination of expression? Early stories were passed down through the generations to document and teach, to convey legend and fact, and to instill fear and pride. Many early languages are coming to an end. Dying Words brings the sad reality to light, that so many languages will not survive the next generations of men. Author Nicholas Evans believes we will likely lose half of the world’s 6,000 languages in the next century.
In our own lives we run into the same problems with documenting our oral history. We often do not realize until it is too late to talk to our older living relatives about the lives they have lived and the stories they have to share. Sometimes it is difficult to make time to sit down to discuss this history or problematic when distance and time are an issue. Websites such as Saving Memories Forever and Storyworth are examples of new online options for helping with saving your oral history. While I have never used either of these services, there are more options out there online or with the help of other family members for those desiring to make the most of the time the storyteller has left. Don’t forget other family members might even be able to take on this task themselves. Teamwork may be all that is needed to save this history for future generations.

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