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History’s Mysteries LLC is an Iowa business striving to preserve history throughout Northeast Iowa. Our expertise includes cemetery repair and research of real estate and cemeteries.

We are a Certified Land Title Professional through the Iowa Land Title Association and currently working on our certification through the Board for Certification of Genealogists.

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Preserving Your Family History-

Preserve your family history now rather than later. We all have busy lives, whether by choice or by necessity. Yet, we need to make time to preserve our future desires for the past. Many people uncover an interest in family history in their later years. By then, many of their elders have passed on. If we take the time to document the information of interest when it is in its prime, we will benefit the most. While our lives are hectic and we may think time will soon free up and allow us to accomplish this feat, the only way this will truly happen is if we sit down and set aside the time in our busy schedule to interview those elders who carry the stories that may be lost if we don’t act now. As archivist Aaron Holt has stated, “It only takes three generations to lose a piece of oral family history.”1 Save yourself the heartache and preserve your history for the whole family as well as future generations. It will only take a couple of hours and will open new doors to the past that you never knew existed.

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