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Saturday's Site - Vintage Aerial

How many of you live in a rural area? Even those who live in a residential area may find joy in searching this site, http://vintageaerial.com/photos. You may find your childhood farm or current residence, maybe even your parents’ or grandparents’ farm. There are some shots of businesses and residential areas. They have a nice coverage map, kind of like a cell provider coverage map! You select your state and county (not all counties are currently indexed), then you can provide a street or address and the site will try to provide you with flights that covered the particular area. The map, provided to the right in the results, is based on flight maps recorded when the plane was in the air. When you select an image, an additional map is provided with a pin to give you an approximate location. I have found these pins to be inaccurate with up to a three mile variance from the correct location. Yet, the initial map will help to get you close to where you want to look and from there you can go through the roll. When you are able to identify any frame, you can proceed to find other images in the vicinity. The photographer would record these farmsteads - sometimes the flight would be somewhat lineal; other times the plane would loop to capture the farms on the opposite side of the road. The photographers appear to have an eye for sites of interest, capturing some of the same farms flight after flight, while other farms seem to never be seen. Some farms are even captured twice from two different directions. Whether you are able to find the image you are looking for or not, don't get frustrated and enjoy the Vintage Aerials!

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