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Friday, October 10, 2014


            Legislation keeps on progressing forward whether for the better or for the worse. As time moves on, so do the issues at hand. Some issues come and go with the times. Others seem to stick around for the long haul. One current topic at hand
is wind energy. Counties are implementing policies for turbines on real estate in their county. Farmers are conforming to turbines coinciding with their farming practices.
            Wind energy has been around for quite some time. Windmills have been used to draw well water for numerous farm needs including laundry, cooking and watering of plants and livestock.
            It is great to make our earth a greener place and yet, we must look at the big picture. How have the decisions our ancestors made a hundred years ago affected us today? Will the decisions we make today have a positive or negative impact on our descendants? No one will know exactly how things will play out, but it is never-the-less something to think about. With a little logical planning, we can make the forthcoming changes positive changes for all.

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