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Textbooks of a child

I’ve always enjoyed the old fashion press sketches found in 19th century books, often text books. These sketches, while simple, depict life in general and signs of the times very differently than where we are at today, not to mention variation in language and grammar.


THE remarkable and long continued popularity of Ray’s Arithmetics has induced the publishers to present them to the public in a revised form, as Ray’s New Arithmetics.
The objects of the revision have been:
(1.) To present the books in improved type, with better arrangement, and in a more pleasing outward dress.
(2.) To introduce such new features as will adapt the series more perfectly to the present methods of instruction.
The friends of the series can best judge what success in attaining these objects has been made.
The publishers hereby express the gratitude to many prominent educators who have contributed to this revision, and only regret that their number prevents the mention of names.

CINCINNATI, April, 1877.